We drew a foundation plan that included all of the necessary code upgrades and changes that we wanted for the new basement. Making sure we had taller 9 foot walls, egress windows and window wells were some of the changes. We also wanted to keep a cellar door opening in the back, include necessary porch and beam footings and consider the plumbing locations.

Once we had a general plan for an estimate, we measured the existing sill plate with Schafbuch Concrete and Foundations so that we agreed on the original dimensions. We made the new foundation 2 inches smaller all around as suggested by Goodwin House Movers. Our new basement would also need to include knockouts for beams and a large opening in the front for the house to move into the correct position. We drew the beam locations for our foundation contractor.

Chris' Excavating, who had done the original demo on College Street, return to dig our new basement. Schafbuch then staked out and poured footings and made the knockouts out of wood. Then they poured the new walls. Bea Day plumbing came in and set our new ground-work. Frank Wagner and Mark Baumgartel set our sill sealer and sill plate. Our new foundation is almost ready to go!

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