Goodwin House Movers Begin work

On Thursday April 28, Goodwin House Movers from Washington, IA came in with their long trucks full of wood for cribs, steel beams, dolleys, a skid-loader and everything else they would need to get the house off the ground. They began by clearing the site around the house and making initial openings in the front of the foundation. They took down interior foundation walls and built cribs to drive the dolleys that would carry the house, off the site. Once the dolleys were in place they inserted the beams under the floor structure. Five smaller W-sections spanned under the house from side to side piercing through the areas of the basement windows. Two larger W-sections spanned under those smaller beams from the front to the back of the house. They connected the beams and dolleys until everything was stable and lifted the house about 6 inches off the foundation. At this point they leveled out everything and stabilized. The house weighs more then 50 tons! Then they cleared the front of the site and brought in the large truck that would pull the house through east downtown Iowa City. The moved the house forward on the site as far as they could without blocking the sidewalk and left it there until move day. The next day would be spent prepping the new location for the house.




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