Houser-Metzger Volunteer Opportunities

Located at 623 College Street the Houser-Metzger house is currently being restored into a single family home.  Staff is on hand most days of the week and are happy to have your assistance.  In addition, volunteering at the Houser-Metzger House is part of FHP's educational programing.  If you wish to learn a certain skill, such a restoring a wooden window, removing exterior paint, plaster repair, or non-aggressive floor restoration, you volunteer time can also be tailored to teach you those skills.  If you are interested in volunteering or in any educational opportunities please email our director, Alicia Trimble, at


Salvage Barn Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities at the Salvage Barn are currently available from 9am -5pm on Friday and Saturday.  Common volunteer tasks include processing incoming denailing, measuring, cleaning, pricing incoming salvage.  Organizing the Salvage Barn floor, sweeping and dusting, and may other tasks.  If you wish to volunteer please email or call (319) 351-1875 Friday or Saturday, 9am -5pm.


Savage Opportunities

Volunteers and staff salvage homes that are going to be demolished.  Salvages happen as the opportunity arise.  Please keep an eye on Facebook and at for those upcoming opportunities.  If you wish to volunteer please email or call (319) 351-1875 Friday or Saturday, 9am -5pm.



*** Friends of Historic Preservation is a nonprofit dedicated to advocacy, education, and sustainability surrounding historic buildings and neighborhoods.  Homes built before or with paint sold before 1978 may contain lead paint or other contaminates.  All volunteers dealing with the disturbance of lead paint will be required to where a P100 (pink filtered) respirator when working.  If you do not have a P100 mask, FHP will provide one for your use.  Please note if you have children at home, especially under the age of 6 years old, please remove shoes, changes cloths, and shower before engaging in your child's environment or a wear a Tyvek suit when working with lead paint.  Always clean hands before touching your face or eating.  The majority of our tasks that do not involve the disturbance of lead paint.  Please let us know if you prefer one of those tasks.*** 










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